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Friday, January 18, 2008

paper models/crafts/cut outs

i'd like to share my latest hobby -- paper crafts/paper models/paper cut-outs.

must haves (required):
+ scissors
+ paper or box cutters
+ glue - elmers glue is ok
+ printer
+ ruler
+ empty ballpen - used for making neat the empty ballpen thru a fold mark for easy folding (nice trick btw)
+ paper (light to heavy type) - if you like japanese cutouts (like me) better buy A4 standard size since most patterns are in A4. word of advice -- make sure when printing the patterns not to use the "fit to margins" settings or anything similar, use "none" instead to print the actual pattern size.

+ air brush - haven't done any project yet with paint since i always print in color
+ paint brush
+ glue gun
+ thin double sided tapes
+ paper clips - used for holding two edges together
+ markers
+ sticker paper - used for printing sticker cutouts i.e. car stickers/vinyls

here are some links i came across while "googling" to get me started. they are absolutely free so feel free to download and print.

for beginners:
+ i like subaru

5/10 difficulty (7/10 for beginners like me):
+ more impreza, f15 etc..

latest project of mine is the impreza 2006. see photo below:

others, with varying degree of difficulty:
+ yamaha TMAX - comes with english instructions, separate color and white versions.
+ check out this taiwanese 3D paper model site. they have a wide range of categories i.e. robots, weapons to furnitures.

enjoy! i'll post pics later - excited with my subaru impreza ;)



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