Wednesday, February 13, 2008

fun ways sending greeting cards

tired of boring e-cards? try out this fun and creative greeting cards. take note v-day is 1 day away.

sample cards:
+ using smokes to spell your message from mapmsg

+ buildings or islands to spell your message from geoGreeting!

+ or etch your message from gMaps

enjoy sending free e-cards!! i did.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

cebu, boracay beach resorts

contact numbers and resorts to stay

bantayan island:

+ sugar beach
- non ac rooms starts at PhP 800.00
- you can pitch tents
- +639177846849, +639168536843, +639217755058

+ kota
- +63324196135

+ budyong
- +63324385700

+ ticketyboo

+ st. bernard
- ac rooms at PhP 1200.00

+ sta. fe beach club
- +63324380031

+ yoneek beach resort
- +63324389124, +639179993829

island hopping
+ olango and/or pandanon island
- +639197846849

boracay island
+ contact boracay getaway (travel & tours) look for grace, malou, jay
address: san vicente village, mandaue city, cebu
- +63323499316

+ d'mall station 2
- has several rooms for rent
- PhP 2500.00/room, good for 2 or more!

note: number are in international format (to help those calling from outside the philippines)

Monday, February 04, 2008

paper models project : subaru wrc 2006 photos

as's some pictures i've taken of my still unfinished subaru impreza paper model or cut-outs.

top view of front grill, hood, car cover and interior. btw, i used yellow A4 paper just in case your wondering why the "5" background is in yellow.

front right corner view. you can see the seat belts/harness..

bolted in..missing tires, back bumpers, windshield, wipers (yes it has this tiny wipers, i'll connect it later for the final touches), side mirrors and headlights assembly

i'm still having a hard time figuring out how to attach the headlight assembly.

i'll post more pics of my progress later. ciao.


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