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Monday, March 24, 2008

sugar beach rooms at sta. fe, bantayan

we went at sta. fe, bantayan, cebu and stayed at sugar beach. we rented a duplex non-ac room good for 8 persons for only 1500.00 pesos. excess of 8, they charge 40.00 pesos per head. pitching tent costs only 100.00 pesos. that's already a good deal. :)

room has:
+ 2 double beds with mattress, blankets and pillows
+ 1 single bed with mattress, blankets and pillows
+ a bamboo sofa with pull-out
+ own bathroom with showers and lavatories
+ mini kitchen
+ terrace with chairs
+ 2 fans
+ 24 hrs water supply

freebie: we used their cottages for no extra charge.


Anonymous said...

Hi! is room big enough to accomodate 8 persons? how about the staff service? are they accomodating?

yayix said...

yes. it's big enough.

accomodating? yes they are. they can cook for just a mere 30 pesos per dish and you can even ask them to buy your drinking water for you :)

Anonymous said...

Hi !!! We're planning to go to Bantayan this weekend.

Do you know the contact number of Sugar beach resort??

yayix said...

+639217755058 - look for nora. she's the caretaker at sugar beach.

Anonymous said...

hi. we just wanna ask ow much is the room rates for 2 persons only. and where can we find the sugar beach resort there in santa fe?

yayix said...

actually there's no need to look for it. de-padyak, habal-habal or van drivers will be the one to lead you to sugar beach. by van it's approx 5-7 mins from sta. fe port.

room rate good for 2 goes for 750-800 pesos. call or text nora (caretaker) at +639217755058.


Mark Vincent said...

I would like to request for reservation for 3 rooms under my name Cheryl Mandi on June 8, 2008 Sunday. please contact me to this number 0917-4212-788.

yayix said...

@mark vincent/cheryl mandi

sorry dude. just want to clear things - i don't do reservations and i'm not in any way connected with sugar beach. please contact them instead.

Anonymous said...

is sugar beach resort a wifi zone?

ivan20 said...

is the 750-800 room for two airconditioned? how bout if you'l be having lunch and dinner there how much per meal? do i have to make reservations if im planning to go there this coming oct 23 and 24? pls reply...tnx

yayix said...


750-800 room has no A/C.

if you want to be assured of a room by the time you get there.. then by all means reserve ahead. better safe than sorry. try the contact numbers above.

as for the meal. the price range varies. cooking charge is approximately 30 pesos. take note that's the labor only. you have to buy fresh fish/meat from them or from the local market nearby. you can get to the market by de padyak.

go to the market once a day so that you won't have to spend too much on the fare. baka mas mahal pa fare mo sa food that you're going to buy! or better yet marinate your fave meat before going to bantayan or bring "de lata" if you're on a tight budget.

Anonymous said...

Err. Can we pitch a tent anytime or is it just on Holy Week?

yayix said...


yes. all year round.

Anonymous said...


have u been to bantayan lately?
did u go to virgin island?
how much was the ride?
i wanna stay at sugar beach then
mg.tent ko kay cheap ra. ^^
still 150.. cool..

lastly, do you know how much is the ferry ride from hagnaya to bantayan?



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