Saturday, May 09, 2009

Samsung 2333HD LCD TV Part 4 FX5200

some photos i took while playing 1080p videos using my old desktop via vga d-sub cable. sorry i have no dvi or hdmi out.

2.66 GHz P4
ASUS P4PE socket 478, AGP @4x only
Palit GeForce FX5200 128MB AGP 8x 128bit

Star Trek trailer 1080p

2333HD fx5200 star trek
2333HD fx5200 star trek
2333HD fx5200 star trek
notice the jagged lines? even after updating to the latest nvidia 175.19 driver for fx5200 still gave the same result. turns out that fx5200 doesn't support 1080p resolution videos although my winxp desktop looks good at 1920x1080 @60Hz. even my 720p avi videos has barely noticeable jagged lines.

after 2 days of tweaking and reinstalling drivers, codecs, players i finally gave up playing videos at 1080 and change resolution to 720.

some more photos:

2333HD fx5200 star trek
2333HD fx5200 star trek

Samsung 2333HD LCD TV Part 3 Hidden Menu

as promised here are some 2333HD hidden menu photos

main menu after pressing mute + 1 + 8 + 2 + power

2333HD Hidden Menu - Main

EPA Standard menu window

2333HD Hidden Menu - EPA Standard

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Samsung 2333HD LCD TV Part 2 Hidden Menu

to get to your 2333HD Hidden Menu, make sure your monitor is turned off then using the remote controller key in Mute -> 1 -> 8 -> 2 -> Power.

this is shown at the main menu of my first 2333HD:

mvd_HD.bin: 0184
LIB_CC_J.LIB: 005062
LIB_Demux_ATSC_J.LIB: 0017
LIB_Demux_lsr_J.LIB: 0008
demux_atsc_bin: 0017
Aug 26 2008

at the back panel of the monitor the manufacturing date is November 2008. i returned this unit because of a defective remote IR receiver.

if any of you guys can discern what the text means please leave a comment.

Samsung 2333HD LCD TV

90 days without a post? sorry bout that guys. just moved in to a new apartment :)

anyways, now that we have more space we decided to buy a TV!

my first choice was the Samsung 32" Series 5 LA-32A550 Full HD 1080p that sells for PHP49,900.00 at SM appliance. they'd take of 5,000.00 if you buy it cash.

Screen Size: 32"
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 35,000:1
Viewing angle: 178°/178° (H / V)
Response Time: 5 ms
DNIe™: DNIe+

Sound Output(RMS): 10W x 2
Feature Picture-in-Picture: 1 Tuner PIP
Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC): Yes

then i found out after googling for reviews, in Manila you can get it for 36500.00 only!! even if i shell out 3000.00 for shipment (approximate) that deal is still bang for the buck.

i can't wait for the stocks to come in, the 32" are very hard to get now. so i looked for other options.

i checked the specs of lcd tvs in the samsung site and found the 2333HD. it's more of a monitor than tv and sells for 15000.00 ~ 16000.00 at computer shops. got it at 15900.00 CASH.

Screen Size: 23" Wide
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Brightness: 300cd/㎡
Contrast Ratio: DC 10,000:1(Typ. 1,000:1)
Response time: 5ms
Viewing Angle(Horizontal/Vertical): 160˚/160˚ (CR>10)

Plug & Play: DDC2B
Multimedia Speakers: 3W x 2ch
Special Features: Built-in HDTV(ATSC) Tuner, Dolby Digital Sound, Optical digital sound (SPDIF), Component, 2 HDMI, Full HD
USB powered hub option: No
Mac compatibility: Yes

now a word of advice: check your lcd tv thoroughly before buying. test for dead pixels, try playing 1080p videos, and since this is a tv check the remote control functions!!

first unit we got has a manufacturing date of November 2008. some were lucky to have a functioning remote but i wasn't one of them. my remote can only be used < 2ft straight angle. now who would produce a tv with < 2ft range? samsung? i doubt it. so i returned my unit to the store and after almost a week of waiting we were given a unit manufactured on January 2009. remote works well even at > 20ft at any angle.

another plus is that samsung has an ongoing promotion. register your unit at their site and they'll send a FREE Stylish SAMSUNG DVD Player (DVD-F1080) that upscales to 1080p :) sweet deal.

i have yet to receive my player. the site says there's a 2 weeks waiting time. i'm on 8 days and counting.

i'll post pics later :)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hagnaya to Bantayan Ferry

for those asking for the ferry schedules and rates. this was taken last year, March 2008. not sure if the rates are still the same.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sana by Up Dharma Down

Nilibot na ang buong mundo
Di pa rin ako nakukuntento
Makakahanap ng ipapalit
Nang walang babala
Lumipas ay nagbabalik pala

Nalilito na ako hindi na dapat gan'to
Nakaraan ay natapos at napagdaanan na
Bakit na sisindak pa sa t'wing naaalala
Matatauhan na wala ka na pala

Ako sila'y nandito na
Ikaw na lang ang kulang
Anong lunod o lalim ba't 'di na lang lumutang
Anong pait ang matamis at aking susubukan
Anong silbi ng narito
'Di mo na kailangan

Hindi nga nagtagal ang pagpapanggap na 'to
Kaliwa at kanan harap at likod ano mang anggulo
Titigan ay bumibigay ako

Damdamin ay kay bigat
Naisip na ang lahat
Wala na ba talaga akong magagawa pa

Ako sila'y nandito na
Ikaw na lang ang kulang
Anong lunod o lalim ba't 'di na lang lumutang
Anong tamis ang mapait at aking iiwasan
Walang silbi ang narito
'Di mo na kailangan

Wala na bang makakapantay at di na ba dapat pang maghintay
Ako lang ba ang nagkasala?
Kumakapit sa natitirang sana.

Kung babalik ka pa hanggang kailan kaya?
Ako dito mag aabang na magdutong na ang patlang
Ang kulang ay mapupunan wala nang makahahadlang
Wala na yatang hihigit sa pangungulila ko
Iba na bang nagbibigay ng mga kailangan mo?

Oh sana
Kay higpit ng kapit sa unan kagabi ko
Oh sana
Inaasam muling makatabi at mahalik sana

-- hanep sa lyrics..

"Sana" from the second album of Up Dharma Down entitled Bipolar.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

view of cebu @ mr. A's restaurant

after my Marina Bay view attempt at landscape photos.. here's two stitched cebu city view from mr. A's restaurant. photostitched using Olympus Master 2. taken on January 1st 2009.

singapore marina bay view

here's my cheap shot at capturing the singapore marina bay view. this was taken at the back of Esplanade Mall during our singapore trip last December 2008. camera used: Olympus u850SW.


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